Nerds Like Us! warms you up!

Are you also so cold this time of the year? Nerds Like Us! Now has something that will make you feel a bit warmer. We have an 18+ area! Full of figures and statues that cannot simply be displayed on the page, but that we have neatly placed under a separate tab. Ennuhhh do fill in honestly if you are over or under 18 when you visit the page, we do not want to chase angry parents with pitchforks and torches.


Another new item from Nerds Like Us! Is the weekly deal. Every week we have a super sharp offer that you really cannot pass up. You can see what the offers are every Wednesday to Sunday on our social media channels and the website. Pay attention! These bangers are really very competitively priced and GO = GO! Every Sunday we carry out all orders at the supplier and you can expect your new acquisition in the following days. Because these offers are incredibly popular, it can sometimes take a little longer before we have processed everything, hmm extra Tentacle arms now sound interesting (to work faster! No reference to the 18+ area now!)


If you are in the vicinity of Delft, or you just have absolutely nothing to do in these weird times, come sometime to our store in shopping center de Hoven in Delft.

In this store you will find most of what we offer on the website, the other part is the pre-orders (which of course have yet to be released duhhh) and the Online Only products. Because our store is super awesome but not gigantic, we cannot sell everything to display to you. That is why we have agreed with our suppliers that we have a large number of figures and statues with them separately. You can order these Online Only deals on the website and are then sent directly to us so that we can send them back to you to supplement your collection. We once had a department store-sized store where everything is full on 4 floors and where you can just wander around for days, or after a few hours we have to announce that you want to be picked up from the ball pit. But until then we have to make use of the space we have and the Online Only products.


For now I will stop this shit because you and I both know you want to go to that 18+ area, have fun! (okay not too much fun eh 😉)


Get to da Choppaaahh! (the flying one, not the one from One Piece)


Nerds Like Us!

  • Nov 03, 2020
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