Lucky Eggs

Sign up now for our new Lucky Eggs savings system

How does it work?

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Step 1: Create an account on our page by clicking on our "my account" text at the top and following the instructions.

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Step 2: With this account you are immediately registered for our loyalty program "Lucky Eggs"

Step 3: With everything you buy on our site you get Lucky Eggs.

1 euro spent = 5 lucky eggs

200 Lucky Eggs = 1 euro discount

The Lucky Eggs are always valid and you can save as many as you want.

You can see your Lucky Eggs by clicking this button at the bottom of the page:

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Step 4: If you have at least 200 Lucky Eggs you can press the same button as in step 3 and click "redeem". You will then receive a code that you can enter in the shopping cart or you can immediately press "activate" to apply the code immediately.
V. I can't see the button or login to the site.
A. This could mean that you have an adblocker blocking the button or you did not agree to our cookie policy the first time you entered the site.
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V. I can't see or claim my points.
A. You can only view or claim your current points if you have an account on our site. These points do not work with a Guest account.
If you still can't get the savings system up and running, please contact us.