Nerds Like Us!

was founded in 2018 by 2 self-proclaimed Nerds, who decided to turn their passion for all things nerdy into an enterprise. I know ... I know ... making your hobby your job soooo cliche but it's just the truth and I can't help it.

We want to be THE webshop for ALL nerdy collectibles, but because that never ends, we start with: Funko Pop !, Figurines, Keychains, Bags, Board games, Cuddly toys and more. We have only just started and will continue to add categories and licenses to our offering.

We focus on a good relationship between the gigantic community and the fans of nerdy products.

Always quick answers to questions, no customer is a number for us and so you will never receive answers such as: "sorry, my colleague is about that, but he is not there"

Complaints or problems? Always let us know no matter how big or small they are and we will do our best to resolve them. Always!

Ideas for the service, the site, great new products you've seen or just products you really miss on a site like this? We want to know. You determine our success! and so we will always think of it.

Other questions? The only stupid questions are the ones that weren't asked. So just ask!