ONE PIECE - Luffy Red Roc - Statue Zero Extra Battle 45cm   This is the largest Figuarts...
SPY X FAMILY - Anya Forger "Party Version" - Figure PM 11cm   VERWACHT ROND 06/2023
*PRE-ORDER* 86 : Eighty-Six - Bloody Regina - Figure PM 19cm Pre-order wordt 12/2022 verwacht
Pre-order wordt 04/2023 verwacht *PRE-ORDER* A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN - Mikoto Misaka - Figure Relax Time 11cm
*PRE-ORDER* A COUPLE OF CUCKOOS - Erika Amano - Statue PVC Noodle Stopper 14cm Pre-order wordt 12/2022 verwacht
*PRE-ORDER* A COUPLE OF CUCKOOS - Hiro Segawa - Figure PVC PM 20cm Pre-order wordt 01/2023 verwacht
*PRE-ORDER* A COUPLE OF CUCKOOS - Sachi Umino - Figure PM 21cm Pre-order wordt 12/2022 verwacht
BAKI - Doppo Orochi - Pop Up Parade 17cm   VERWACHT ROND 07/2022
BAKI - Hanayama - Pop Up Parade 19cm   VERWACHT ROND 07/2022
*PRE-ORDER* BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES - Batman -Statue Art Scale 1/10 24cm Pre-order wordt Q4/2022 verwacht
BLACK ROCK SHOOTER DAWN FALL - Strength - Pop Up Parade 13cm   VERWACHT ROND 01/2023
BLEACH - Ichigo Kurosaki - Figure Solid And Souls 17cm   VERWACHT ROND 08/2023
Pre-order wordt 04/2023 verwacht *PRE-ORDER* BLEACH - Kenpachi Zaraki - Figure Solid and souls 18cm
BLEACH - Orihime Inoue - Figure Relax Time 11cm   VERWACHT ROND 05/2023
*PRE-ORDER* BLEACH - Rangiku Matsumoto - Figure Relax Time 12cm Pre-order wordt 06/2023 verwacht
BLEACH - Rangiku Matsumoto - Statue GEM Series 24cm   VERWACHT ROND 08/2022
BLEACH - Retsu Unohana - Figure Solid And Souls 15cm   VERWACHT ROND 05/2023
Pre-order wordt 04/2023 verwacht *PRE-ORDER* BLEACH - Rukia Kuchiki - Figure Relax Time 11cm
*PRE-ORDER* BLEACH - Shigekuni Yamamotogenryusai - Figure Solid and souls 15cm Pre-order wordt 03/2023 verwacht
*PRE-ORDER* BLEACH - Sui Feng - Statue Gals 24cm Wordt 10/2022 verwacht
Pre-order wordt 04/2023 verwacht *PRE-ORDER* BLEACH - Toshiro Hitsugaya - Figure Solid and souls 14cm
BLEACH - Ulquiorra Shifar Segunfa Etapa - Statue Precious GEM 40cm   VERWACHT ROND 08/2022
Bleach Relax Time Yoruichi Shihoin figure 10cm   VERWACHT ROND 10/2023
Bleach Solid and Souls Renji Abarai figure 14cm   VERWACHT ROND 09/2023