*PRE-ORDER* SEVEN DEADLY SINS - Meliodas - Buste 68cm

*PRE-ORDER* SEVEN DEADLY SINS - Meliodas - Buste 68cm

Pre-order wordt 06/2023 verwacht
After immortalizing Ban, the Fox of Greed, Taka Corp Studio brings forward the main character of the license: Seven Deadly Sins.

Meliodas is the Dragon of Wrath who leads the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the owner of the famous Boar Hat, a tavern. His Sacred Treasure is the Lostvayne Demon Slasher and his main ability is Total Counter. He is also the former leader of the Ten Commandments, as Meliodas of Charity, a former member of the Stigma Alliance, and the eldest son of the Demon King.

Although at first glance Meliodas is quite youthful and has a charming smile, he is also a fearsome warrior with a dark side. It is precisely this aspect of his personality that Taka Corp Studio wanted to put forward with this resin bust in 1/1 scale.

With the mark of Darkness on his forehead, dark eyes where a demonic flame burns, the Dragon of Wrath displays a disturbing and dangerous darkness. Although he retains his traditional white shirt and red tie, he is no longer the jovial tavern keeper but a ruthless fighter. The Darkness dances around his chest in a concentrated blackness pigmented with purple, further enhancing this iconic character.

On his back, the Dragon's Grip. Useless as a weapon, Meliodas can nevertheless use it in conjunction with his Total Counter. It is later revealed that the Dragon's Handle was not originally a weapon, but a fragment of the Casket of Eternal Darkness.

Meliodas, the Dragon of Wrath will enter the scene in the second half of 2023. At 62cm tall, 38cm wide and 37cm deep, this limited 250-piece marvel will find its place alongside its best friend Ban, the Fox of Avarice.

Each statue is numbered and will be delivered with its certificate of authenticity, its plate and its packaging.

Limited to 250 copies

Size : H62cm/L38cm/P37cm

Scale : 1/1

Editor : Taka Corp Studio